Friday, October 26, 2012

A not so sour experience

Long time ago... I am playing with the others in my neighbourhood during my school days.....Suddenly I started feeling thirsty....My parents, uncle and grandparents used to stay nearby...for some reason I thought I will go grab a drink of water from my uncle's place. I went inside and called my uncle's and aunt's response...I opened the fridge...I saw only one big bottle in the side and had a large gulp from soon as it was in, I felt funny...the water tasted sour...:p...I was sure of one thing, it couldn't be oil becos then the water should look yellowish....:p

I called my aunt and told her the water is tasting sour.....she did not tell me what it was...but just looked at the bottle and me...then called the others....soon I was getting vip treatment...;)...everybody came with cups of curd.....I had lots of curd that day till late evening....and den they told me...what I had was vinegar....;D

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The tale of the living dead

I have always hated the idea of going for 'ghost tours' or 'scary houses'. When I was young I used to go to these to show that I am not easily scared..unfortunately it never worked:p.....During our college trip to Hyd we went on another ghost tour...the living dead......back then I found it quite terrifying...but now when I think back i fall into fits of laughter..

 before the living dead thing we had already gone to the other must-see places in hyd..... The rules were as follows.....only five people were allowed to go together......Reluctantly we entered into a dark place.....somebody just pushed us from behind and closed the door!!!

We were already creeped out! Dead silence for a few was not totally dark and within a few minutes, we saw a guy in rags and long hair jump forward....aaaaah.....we all screamed...the guy stopped.....after some time he or she charged again....we went back and hit the the midst of trying to run away from the guy, we fell on a pile of sand in the corner....trying to hold whatever i can, i tugged on my friend's t-shirt and both of us fell down.....hehe...after getting up and falling down a couple of times, we ran for the exit....the only thing is we couldn't find it.....but we did find the other three girls standing there figuring out where to go....suddenly a huuuuuuuuuuuge scream and that thing was behind us....I could actually feel the breath behind me....we automatically found the exit and came out!....but wait....I thought zombies walk real slowly and can't run...:p

After the experience, I heard that a lot of incidences had happened while my other friends were inside.....a few of my friends went inside with kaalan kudas and used it for self-defence against the living dead...Another of my friends got so creeped out that she passed out in the middle....and for many days she couldn't speak properly..... some of my friends got annoyed and screamed back at the living dead.....after this incident I decided not to go for such ghost tours!
After that I happened to go to the scary house at O Mall only because my friends dragged me in...and we were so petrified and was wondering what to do that the ghost himself had to come and tell us in a coarse voice which way to go...hahaha...and after hitting myself on the head at quite a few places, we made it out....;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

A night to remember.....

Sometimes I feel I can just write a diary with all the funny things that have happened to me....;p...anyways here it goes...
This incident happened long back when I was studying in trivandrum.....It had just rained, we had finished our dinner after which everyone (except me) retired for the night. Back then I loved to wear the loose hanging night gowns(:p) I was real skinny back then and it used to make me look worse.. i still loved it because I felt like a big lady wearing it.:p..anyways back to the story....I was feeling real cold and so I thought of wearing that dress so tht I could feel cozier...
I guess it was a friday, cos i chose to enjoy some late night TV. Unassuming and deeply engrossed in the idiot box, I kept on surfing the channels, zeroing in on my favourite, after a while again going through channels. It must have been more than an hour or so (I used to stay up rather late at night somedays), and suddenly I felt a wierd weight on my if a small ball was put there....I thought it was nothing...but then it started to feel slightly ticklish there.... By this time I was feeling a little sleepy too....I looked down.....and to my horror....there in my lap sat a little green frog!!! Then I understood that it was not just me who found the dress cozy....;)...It's a miracle i didn't notice the frog when it came and settled on top of me.....:o....I became wide awake and sat there frozen....Eventhough lots of frogs used to creep in at places in my mother's home, I was still scared of it....I knew that frogs leap a lot and at real heights so I was scared to get up...what if it jumps to my shoulders?....after a lot of wierd thinking and frozen seconds I thought I will wait for some more minutes....maybe it will go away on its own...but no....It didnt even budge from there, sitting there like a statue!......I finally closed my eyes, gathered up all my courage, and with a miniature 'George-of-The-Jungle' like scream I ran for the sofa on the opposite side.....I could see the frog alert and ready to jump on the chair......and then after a few minutes It went back through the window to where it came from.... Soon there was a familiar shout from inside....I had woken up the others....:(....and then I had to get ready for being scolded!..:(
Whenever I think of that night now, I can't help but laugh. After all, wasn't it just a tiny frog? What was the need for me to get scared? There are so many small things that we get scared of...frogs, cockroaches, big spiders and so on, right? Do we get scared of cockroaches because of their red colour and spiders for their long wierd looking limbs? I don't know...but when I think about the incident, I do feel stupid and tell myself to not have these irrational fears....but so far it hasn't worked...:(
But one thing has happened for sure....That was one of the incidents after which I stopped wearing those looong nighties!!:D    

Back with a bang:D

'You are waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope the train would take you....but you dont know for sure...blablablabla' - Inception (2010 movie)
This is a pretty famous and looooooong dialogue. But for some reason I really liked it. So thought I will start my first entry with this philosophical note...... Bcos i guess the saying is perfect for me as I don't know where I am headed to...;p....